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When You Find Out What China is Doing to Your Food, You Will Want to Pay Extra Close Attention to THIS

The “Made in China” label is often seen on most goods in the United States, which includes your food.

In a report from Epoch Times, studies show that garlic from China is a full of pesticides and heavy metals. Do you know where your garlic is coming from?

Via AWM:

Epoch Times claims that “64,876 tons of dried, fresh, or chilled garlic, were imported from China in 2014… About a third of the garlic in the United States comes from China.”

The report continues: “An undercover magazine reporter investigating in the area found that many vegetable farmers used phorate and parathion, two pesticides banned by the government, to irrigate the crops to save time and effort.” Furthermore, “An official government report in 2014 showed that nearly a fifth of China’s soil is contaminated by heavy metals like cadmium and arsenic as well as unhealthy amounts of pesticides and fertilizers. Severe pollution has tainted all of China’s major rivers with large amounts of industrial chemicals and household waste.”

How do you know if the garlic in your supermarket comes from this contaminated source? Look for two things:

At the store, look for heavier and more bulbous garlic with the roots and stems still attached. Chinese garlic is lighter, and to save weight, the Chinese cut the roots and stems off from the garlic.

If you’ve already purchased it, give it a taste. The richer taste of the garlic shows that it is made in the states. If it lacks the pungent garlic flavor, then throw it away.