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This is SICK! – See What Liberals are Doing with Naked Photos of Melania Right in Front of Trump Tower – DISGUSTING

Since Trump got into office, everyone on the left has relentlessly went after his family. While Melania would usually be propped up given her background as an immigrant, she is being torn to shreds because she is the wife of someone they despite, even going so far as attacking her over her accent. But what liberals did to Melania outside Trump Tower is vile.

Before becoming the First Lady of the United States, Melania had a career as a fashion model, and would sometimes pose bare as that’s frequently the trend of fashion models in Europe. Despite leftists continually touting certain things, liberals are somehow “offended” over Melania’s nude photos from 20 years ago, where they use them regularly to bash her.

Over the weekend, anti-Trump people created an outhouse outside Trump Tower where they plastered the bathroom door with nude photos of Melania, along mannequin dressed up like Trump sitting on a toilet inside.

Opposing Views has more:

One of the photos displayed on the outhouse has her resting nude on a rug for GQ magazine, while the other photo shows her nude in a black-and-white photo, her arms splayed, touching a wall and looking back at the photographer, as if she had been arrested, Inquisitr reports.

The photos of Melania taped to the outhouse was about insulting the first couple and to emphasize that the first lady is the first to have ever posed nude before in the nation’s history.

Pictures were taken of people wearing Trump masks sitting in the outhouse.

As the anti-Trump activists made their way down the street to Trump Tower in New York City on April 1, many seized the opportunity to take pictures of the event.

This is disgusting and disrespectful and it should have never been allowed to happen. Imagine if this happened to people on the other side of the aisle? We’d never hear the end of it.