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Mother’s Facebook Has to be Disabled Because She Did THIS! Did People Overreact?!

A mother-of-six had her Facebook account disabled after posting a photo of her breastfeeding two babies at the same time.

Daily Mail reports, Rebecca Wanosik  shared a photo to her Facebook page showing herself breastfeeding two children — one was hers, and the other was a stranger’s child, done as a favor to a friend.

According to her Facebook post, Rebecca  says she “received a random text from one of my friends asking if I could feed a stranger’s baby.”

“Was there ever a question?” the mother continued. “The baby’s mother was having surgery and the baby is exclusively breastfed and refused a bottle.”

Rebecca says that when she met the baby, she looked “hungry and exhausted.” She says, “I did what I hope any person would do for my child in a time of despair. I fed a stranger’s baby.”

The post had two photos of the stranger’s baby and one of her own children breastfeeding at the same time, holding hands while they ate.

Many of Rebecca’s friends supported the post, but some were critical of the photos.

“Cover up!!! Nobody wants to see your breast,” one user commented. “This is Facebook not sexbook.”

Rebecca’s post was eventually removed from Facebook and her account was disabled, her husband said in a post on his own page.

“My wife did a great thing and Facebook disabled her account,’ Anthony Wasonik wrote in his Facebook post, Newsiosity reports. “Please share this so we can spread the word and show how much Facebook really doesn’t care about the good people are trying to do.”


Do you think Facebook went too far or should the Rebecca not have uploaded the picture?

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