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Authorities Remove Small Homes Built for Homeless, You Won’t Believe the Reason Why!

If you’ve ever been to Los Angeles, you know about the large homeless population there.

Forgotten by those who run the city, these poor people are left to fend for themselves as authorities stick their head in the sand and hope it disappears. that is, until Elvis Summers took it upon himself to ease their plight by making small, solar-powered homes for them: instead of being commended for his actions though, the city seized the buildings and destroyed them:

“Elvis Summers crowdfunded tiny homes in part through his nonprofit, Starting Human, and raised over $100,000 for what he viewed as a decent, if temporary, solution. And with the help of volunteers in the contracting and construction business, built some 40 tiny homes of wood with steel-reinforced, locking doors to provide solid shelter for struggling tent-city residents.

Summers, who experienced houselessness in his 20s, viewed the little, self-sufficient houses as a creative solution to L.A.’s colossal homeless issue — particularly as the wooden structures provided a solid home base for those seeking jobs or drug and alcohol treatment.

Summers’ project went swimmingly — individuals who’d survived in flimsy tents with little to no security felt the dignity of a structure to call home base.

That is, until the city of Los Angeles put its foot down, kicked several tiny home residents, out, and transported the structures for demolition.

“About my house, you know, you know I had a peace of mind,” Willie Hadnot toldNPR shortly after losing his home. “I could shut the door, go lay down, quiet. And that’s what I miss a whole lot, man. I don’t want to start crying.”

Suddenly evicted tiny house residents weren’t permitted to retrieve their few belongings — including medications — before police and garbage trucks hauled the homes away.”

H/T: The Free Thought Project