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This Footage She Captured Instantly Went Viral! You Have to See it to Believe It!

Most of us have called a handyman to come over and we usually leave them in peace as they do their work. No one wants someone standing over their shoulder.

That’s how a San Antonio, Texas woman felt when she called AT&T for some work. The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, allowed AT&T to dig a hole in her backyard so as to lay fiber optic wire and help make her neighborhood’s internet and telephone service better.

When they came over, she trusted the, but she will never trust a stranger as easily again…

Via AWM:

When the workers arrived in the morning of March 15, the woman greeted them, showed them around back, and then left for work. She put her trust in those AT&T employees.

While on the job, the security system app on her phone kept going off. But the AT&T people were at her home. Why would it do that?

“I have a security system … that is linked to my phone and alerts me when there is someone in whatever the areas is of the camera. My indoor camera kept going off repeatedly, which means my dog was going bananas.”

But today AT&t was working in the yard, so she opened up the live stream video.

“I knew they were working in the backyard today so I opened the live video and BAM.”

The video opened up to what has been called the most girlish fight ever caught on camera. The two grown AT&T contractors were in the middle of the screen engaging in what the homeowner labeled as “the sassiest fight I’ve ever seen.”

From her desk at work, the San Antonio woman laughed as the contractors beat on each other.