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Little Boy Calls Daycare Worker Mean, They Don’t Believe Him Until They Set Up a Camera and Saw…

Every parent wants to keep their children safe. You do your best to get them into the best daycare possible, into the best schools, and help take care of them as best you can.

Unfortunately, not everyone is as kind as they claim to be on paper. Although a resume may look pristine, they could be lying and pretending to be king to get you to hire them.

But in the video below, posted last year, you will see another scenario unfold that is difficult to watch. because Child protective investigator Desiree LeBlanc of Des Moines, IA has a lot of experience with bad  parents and horrible environments for children, she looked for the best way to watch her baby daughter. During that search, a family friend recommended 28-year-old Christina Williamson, who owned a daycare in the local area.

Things weren’t what they seemed.