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CNN’s Van Jones Gets Into It with Ex-Trump Spot Susan Rice Unmasking Story

During a panel discussion Monday night on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” things got tense and heated when two of the network’s political commentators engaged in a back-and-forth related to the Susan Rice “unmasking” reports.

Speaking to host Anderson Cooper, Jason Miller – who served as a communications director for Donald Trump’s campaign and transition team – stated that even though there is an FBI investigation into potential collusion between Trump allies and the Russian government, the fact that it’s gone on for eight months means it’s questionable they’ll ever find anything.

Miller then turned this around to Rice, claiming that we now know that she was “systematically going through and on numerous occasions was unmasking American names.” This led to Van Jones jumping in and attempting to refute Miller.

“No, no, no,” Jones exclaimed. “That’s not true!”

After the ex-Trump spokesman said it was “just factual,” Jones stated that “it’s a complete smear” and that “it’s not fair.”

Another ex-Trump adviser, Jack Kingston, would jump into the fray to allege that former Obama administration official Evelyn Farkas said she wanted to get political information out there.

“But she left the administration in 2015,” Cooper interjected, before turning it over to other members of the panel.