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Chris Pratt Says He Has One Person to Thank for His Success. This Story He Tells Will Give You Goosebumps

Oftentimes we see actors for how they are seen on the big screen, and we don’t realize that there is a different person lying below the surface of their exterior. We also have a lot of assumptions about actors, often based on false presumptions. Society thinks that because actors are good looking, they have it easy, or that they have a lot of money. But the truth….is they have to sacrifice a lot for that money and a lot of actors have had to struggle for a good amount of time before they landed their first role. Let’s not forget that nothing is guaranteed when it comes to an actor’s livelihood and they may not be blessed with money-making roles.

Chris Pratt is one of those actors who sometimes plays roles that involve characters that are far different from who he is on the inside. His humble beginnings probably shaped who he is now.

While he was born in Minnesota, his father’s job as a miner took the family to several different places before they finally settled in the small town of Lake Stevens, Washington. His father was diagnosed with M.S. during Chris’s senior year of high school and the family struggled to make ends meet. Because Pratt was active with theater, wrestling, and football in high school, he was well-known amongst his classmates and somewhat of a hometown hero.

After his graduation from high school, Pratt spent some time dabbling in some not-so-healthy activities, including drugs and alcohol, but his life hit a crossroads one night when he was getting ready to go to a party. He’d been working as a waiter at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company Restaurant in Hawaii at the time and his intentions for the evening involved alcohol, drugs, and girls, but with one quick encounter, his life changed forever.

While walking outside of a grocery store, Pratt was approached by a man, who said the following to him…

“Jesus told me to talk to you.”

Via AWM:

Pratt has trouble explaining why, but he was drawn to the man and charmed by his ways so he couldn’t help but listen to him. He made the decision to go to church with the guy right then and there and later on he recalls telling his friends that he was going to change his life.

Pratt was instantly led down a new path in life, and not long after he was waiting for a Hollywood star at the restaurant where he worked. He had made an impact on the star and soon he found himself landing his first acting role. He credits his faith for the success he has had in his acting career and strongly believes in God and the divine. Acting hasn’t been the only time he has seen God’s presence in his life, though. Pratt is married to a fellow star, Anna Faris, and the two had a baby boy nine weeks early. They were unsure whether the baby would make it and they relied on prayer to lead the way. Their son, Jack, is now four-years-old and happy and healthy. The praying and faith drew the couple closer to God. Today, Pratt has no qualms about expressing his strong faith in front of the world.