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Woman Marries 10 Muslim Men from Different Islamic Countries! When You See How She’s Brought to Justice You Will Be Cheering

Some people do insane things. But this story is one for the record books. A woman from New York was found to have married 10 men who were all from terrorist prone nations to help them get green cards. Agents with the New York Police Department reported that she was arrested on charges of offering false instruments

The woman is 39 years old and her name is Liana Barrientos. Not only did she marry ten different men she married them at the same time.

One of her husbands was deported by law enforcement agents after being caught making threats against the government. Once the weddings were completed seven of the ten husbands applied for permanent resident status in the United States. Some of them were denied and instantly filed for divorce and refiled the residency requests.

Police found Barrientos with a plethora of marriage certificates. All the marriages took place in different counties. One in Westchester County, one in Rockland County, and the other in Lone Island. Both of her charges carry four-year prison sentences. With the help of her attorney, she pleaded guilty and now is going through a drug treatment program that lasts twelve to eighteen months depending on need.