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Teen Breaks into Home and Gets Taken Down by an AR-15! The Family of the Suspect Responds with 1 SHOCKING WORD EVERYONE’S REACTING TO!

Three teenagers were shot and killed last week after being found in the process of committing a robbery in Oklahoma. Now, the case is going to court. What the family of the perpetrators who died said is shocking. The grandfather of one of the deceased boys said the homeowner’s son was “unfair” for using an AR-15 to defend himself.

The grandfather, Leroy Schumacher, admitted that his grandson, seventeen-year-old Jacob Redfearn,and his friends acted stupidly but implored the courts they did not deserve to die. He told the judge the following:

What these three boys did was stupid. They knew they could be punished for it. But they did not deserve to die. There’s got to be a limit to that [self defense] law. He shot all three of them. There was no need for that.”

One of the boys had a knife and the other had brass knuckles. The homeowner’s son was twenty-three years old and he was the one who killed the intruders. Wagoner County Sheriff’s Deputy Nick Mahoney said the following to reporters:

Preliminary investigation looks like it’s self-defense. There was a short exchange of words, then gunfire happened.”

When you commit a violent crime, this can happen.

Homeowners have the right to defend themselves and that is what they did.