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Parents Give Son Special Gift! The Boy Sees Something for the First Time in His Life and is Completely Overwhelmed!

Color blindness is a fault that can be inherited in the advancement of one or more of the three sets of color-sensing cones in the eye. The condition is called color vision deficiency. Because it causes a decreased ability to see the differences in color, it can make things challenging for kids to participate in various educational activities. While the problems associated with color blindness are minimal and most adapt to the condition, those who suffer from full color blindness are more likely to be sensitive to bright lights which can lead to major discomfort, due to the decreased visual acuity.

One young Iowa boy has recently had his life completely changed. Ten-year-old Cayson Irlbeck was born color blind, and his parents, Aaron and Jacque had started to accept the fact that he wouldn’t be able to go into certain careers that require color differentiation, including law enforcement, some jobs in the medical field and being an airline pilot. They also grew to accept the fact that he would never recognize Santa Claus’s bright red suit.

And then, the family received some incredible news…EnChroma glasses were invented. The modernized glasses allow people with color blindness to differentiate between colors, giving them a chance to see the world in a whole new perspective.

As soon as Cayson heard about the glasses, he begged his parents for them, but Aaron and Jacque waited for the right moment to surprise their son with the life-changing tool that cost $300. They felt that the right moment was after Cayson had broken his hand while playing basketball.

“We didn’t want him to know ahead of time what we were doing or what was being put on his face because we wanted it to be a natural moment,” said Jacque. “And we didn’t want to build up his hope any more than it was if the glasses didn’t work.”

“So, we put them on his face and told him to open his eyes,” said Aaron. “And you could just tell that it hit him instantly that something was different.”

Check it out for yourself: