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Muslims are Pissed! Arkansas is Now Forcing Them to Do THIS!

The Arkansas House of Representatives just passed a bill that states their courtrooms were only allowed to use American-based laws when making decisions.

This bill didn’t specify Sharia Law directly, but that is essentially its target.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) – The Arkansas House says judges in the state’s courtrooms should use only American-based laws when making decisions, despite complaints that the proposal addresses a problem that doesn’t exist.

The bill by Rep. Brandt Smith had passed the House Judiciary Committee despite criticism that it targeted Muslims, even though it doesn’t mention Sharia law by name. Some also said the bill improperly infringes on the courts.

Before Monday’s 63-24 vote, one lawmaker questioned whether Smith’s bill might also prohibit the use of Mosaic law – such as the Ten Commandments. Another asked to delay the vote.

Smith told his colleagues that the state’s judges could use clarity on what material they should use when weighing cases.

It is surprising to know that even 24 people voted against this. If they’d won, Sharia Law could have been potentially used in a court of law on American soil.

When will these people realize they are putting themselves and everyone else in danger.