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Louie Gohmert Addresses President Trump: Reminds Him that Paul Ryan Ran Scared

On Sunday, Rep. Louie Gohmert took a moment to remind President Donald Trump of something very important – that there were times that House Freedom Caucus members were the only ones in Congress who remained loyal to him, and that he should try to work with them instead of fighting them.

Via BizPacReview:

During his appearance on “Sunday Morning Futures,” the Texas Republican and Freedom Caucus member said that the American Health Care Act, as it’s written, will result in insurance rate increases and does not repeal Obamacare, which “gave government more power” over the lives of Americans.

Gohmert said that Freedom Caucus members and Trump twice came to an agreement during the AHCA negotiations, but that each time [chief of staff Reince] Priebus and [House Speaker Paul] Ryan” moved the president in a different direction.

Afterwards, Trump and establishment Republicans agreed to “go to war against [the Freedom Caucus], the people that defended the president, when Ryan and those guys abandoned him,” the congressman said.

After failing to repeal Obamacare, President Trump said that the Freedom Caucus members should be defeated at the polls in 2018 along with Democrats.

Gohmert countered saying “If the bill passes, the president’s administration will be defined for the next four years as a fraud,” given that Republicans have promised a full repeal of Obamacare for seven years.

On the other hand, had the AHCA been passed it would be “a twofer for the establishment,” because it would destroy the grassroots conservative movement and make Trump look bad.

Gohmert said that a compromise tax reform bill will be disastrous if the president “weakens the conservatives that will make it a good bill.”

Gohmert also said that if the president were to continue to take the advice of establishment Republicans, Trump will be hurt just as the establishment hurt former President Ronald Reagan.

“The only time Reagan succeeded was when he didn’t listen to the establishment folks … and actually followed his own instinct.”

Gohmert finished this by saying that the success of failure of the Trump presidency will be decided within the next 30 days.

He implored President Trump to work with the Freedom Caucus and other conservatives who supported him from the beginning and helped propel him to office “when others like Ryan and the establishment were running scared.”