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Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Needs a “Nice Warm Jail Cell” After Defying Trump’s Attempt to Protect Americans!

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel should be concerned about those who can vote for him, not those in the United States illegally.

If he can’t do that, a “nice, warm jail cell” may be in his future.

That’s according to Brunell Donald-Kyei, a Chicago resident who says the Democrat mayor should be ousted if he wants to harbor illegal immigrants.

“If he wants to thwart federal law, he should get what’s coming to him: Loss of his mayorship and a nice warm jail cell,” the former vice chair of the National Diversity Coalition for Trump said.

Appearing on “Fox & Friends,” Donald-Kyei was responding to Emanuel’s defiance in the face of President Trump insisting he will withhold federal funds from designated sanctuary cities, a policy the mayor called “a bit of a joke.”

His political posturing could potentially cost Chicago up to $526 million in federal funding.

Pointing to the failed schools and a number of people being attacked in her city, Donald-Kyei said Emauel should be focusing on veterans, the youth and the homeless, not those in the country illegally.

“I think it’s just a travesty, it’s disgusting and he needs to be voted out,” she said of Emanuel’s choice of priorities.