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After She Saved this Canine’s Life He Led Her to a Spot in the Woods…..Now Her Life is Changed Forever!

Kathy Wilkes-Myers took a walk along a country highway when she came across something shocking. While she often dealt with street dogs in her part of town, there was a Rottweiler she spotted that didn’t seem wild. In fact, the dog looked as if it was recently separated from its owner.

When Kathy got closer, her assumption seemed to be proven correct. The dog did not like other stray dogs, which were afraid and skittish. This dog instead ran and leaned against Kathy’s legs. But when Kathy took a closer look, the dog didn’t look healthy. The Rottweiler was more than likely just surviving on rainwater and it clearly hadn’t had a good mean.

Kathy named the dog Ella and took her in and that was when she realized that Ella was trying to tell her something very important…