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Trump Just FIRED WH Deputy Chief Of Staff After Discovering She STABBED Him In The Back

For months there has been talk about White House leaks. These leaks have jeopardized national security because people despise Trump. In February, a report was released that one of the leakers was White House Deputy Chief of Staff Katie Walsh.

Now a breaking report reveals that President Trump just fired Walsh after discovering her antics at the White House.

Got News previously reported:

One source, in particular, stands out: Walsh is close to Maggie Habberman, a New York Times reporter who wrote fawning pro-Republican National Committee stories during the presidential election. Walsh has also planted stories in The Washington Post and Politico.

Walsh is referred to as “Madame President” in the White House, says a senior aide. “It isn’t a compliment.”

Walsh would have significant access as she controls the president’s schedule. There’s also reportedly a trove of e-mails where Katie Walsh and Reince Priebus discuss how to rid themselves of Trump, according to a former #NeverTrump consultant.

“The president and his allies have been deliberately feeding her fake information in order to find her network,” says a source close to the president’s family. “It’s been going well.”

Walsh was a #NeverTrump Republican during the campaign. Neither Walsh nor her family were supporters during the campaign, says a source from Walsh’s hometown of St. Louis.

A White House investigation is planned into Walsh, who couldn’t be reached for comment.

The Independent reported that Deputy chief of staff Katie Walsh was leaving the White House, but there appears to be much more to the story. This does not bode well for Reince Priebus. For instance, one ex-Trump aide speculated that Priebus is actually the next target.

“Reince Priebus is now a dead man walking,” the aide said. “The firing of Katie Walsh was a sign of desperation.”

President Trump was serious about draining the swamp and he just flushed Katie Walsh out of there. These people need to realize that if they are against Trump then they have no place in the White House.