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‘Hollywood Conservative’ Chuck Woolery Offers Plan to Pass Health Care Bill with ‘100% Votes’

Game show host Chuck Woolery says he knows how to pass a health care bill that is supported by both Democrats and Republicans in Congress.

The former host of such hit television shows as “Love Connection,” “The Dating Game” and “Wheel of Fortune” took to Twitter Thursday to take some pot shots at politicians in Congress who generously vote to line their own pockets – including a suggestion for how to gain bipartisan support for a health care bill:

Woolery also said that, if Congress likes having hearings so often, they should hold them to look into the largess they’ve showered upon themselves:

“I think we should have hearings on cutting entitlements and salaries and the other perks of Congress.”

He even went so far as to say that it’s criminal to merely profit from politics:

Woolery describes himself as a “Hollywood Conservative” on his @chuckwoolery Twitter page.