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Donald Trump Signs “National Vietnam War Veterans Day” Into Law

When they came home during the 1960s and 1970s, many Vietnam veterans were disrespected and hated by various Americans. Now, President Donald Trump is finally allowing them to be honored with their own day.

According to KCEN-TV, Trump has signed a bill designating March 29 as an annual National Vietnam War Veterans Day.

The bill was sponsored by Republican Sen. Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania and Democrat Sen. Joe Donnelly of Indiana.

The Vietnam War Veterans Recognition Act of 2017 got through the Senate last month and the House last week.

Toomey highlighted the poor treatment given to Vietnam veterans returning home as part of the reason he supported the act.

“Some of them were actually treated quite poorly,” Toomey said. “And that was a tragic period in our history driven by people’s perceptions of the war. Fortunately, that, I think, is behind us now. And I hope and I believe we’ve gotten to a place where the American people realize how much we really should be grateful to the men and the women who served this country in Vietnam during that very, very difficult time.”

Former President Barack Obama declared Vietnam Veterans Day on March 29, 2012. However, the act signed by Trump makes the celebration an annual event.

Trump also tweeted his recognition of the day:

No matter what your feelings on the Vietnam War, it’s clear that the 2.7 million Americans who served in Vietnam — and the 58,000 who died and 304,000 who were wounded — deserve a day of their own. It’s a tragedy beyond words that we, as a country, have been so remiss in remembering their sacrifice and their valor.

We can only hope that in coming years, these brave individuals are given the recognition they are owed by the country they so valiantly served.