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Dems Lash Out at Former Top Hillary Lawyer for Defending Ivanka Trump. Her Response Ends the Argument

Early in March, news broke that Ivanka Trump would take a more direct role as a presidential advisor, complete with a White House office and security clearance.

While the announcement caused for an uproar, it also called attention to the fact that the Trump daughter – and her husband Jared Kushner – hired lawyer Jamie Gorelick to help them “navigate the various legal and ethical landmines as top advisors to the President of the United States.”

What makes Gorelick’s involvement with the first family so remarkable, however, is that she has a decades-long connection to the Clinton family, and was even responsible for helping Hillary Clinton raise at least $100,000 for her presidential campaign.

It seems it was a fact, as Politico notes, that was not lost on many of Gorelick’s fellow Democrats — prompting the lawyer to note that she “has been shocked by the vitriol that has been hurled in her direction.”

Gorelick has a long history in Washington, D.C.

She was a deputy attorney general under former President Bill Clinton, a a member of the 9-11 Commission and — if the 2016 election had gone differently — was rumored to be on the very short list for Hillary Clinton’s attorney general.

Her presence on the 9-11 Commission, it should be noted, was met with a great deal of controversy itself. Then-Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) — now Trump’s attorney general — even called for Gorelick to resign from the commission, insisting that her long history in Washington would make her a better ‘witness’ than ‘judge’ of the events that led to the devastating terrorist attack.

Today, however, her decision to represent Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner has put her on the outs with members of her own party, including fellow lawyer and Democrat strategist Hillary Rosen:

Rosen’s jab isn’t the only criticism Gorelick has faced. An Esquire piece, for example, noted that the lawyer’s involvement with the new administration was proof that “the swamp still seems to be teeming with strange hybrid creatures.”

It’s an accusation that Gorelick doesn’t take lightly, telling Politico:

“I don’t pass my clients through a 100% values-alignment litmus test.

If people want to come to me and get good, principled, ethical advice, and they want to follow it, then I will take them on as a client.

I don’t need to take on clients if I don’t want to spend my time with them. There is a voluntary piece of this. But I encourage people to serve.”

What’s more, as Law Newz notes, Gorelick insists that her willingness — as a Democrat — to work with the family of a Republican president is something that should be praised rather than ridiculed:

In fact, she said that she believes her representation of clients from all political parties is part of what being a great lawyer is all about, especially in Washington, D.C.

Gorelick says that she has been shocked by the criticism coming from within her own party, especially from fellow lawyers.

Referring specifically to Rosen’s “SNL” tweet, Gorelick commented sarcastically that “it must be that Hillary has never taken a client on, whose values and principles she didn’t entirely agree with.”