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BURN! Is This Instagram Post Tomi Lahren’s Response To Glenn Beck!?

Tomi Lahren has reminded everyone of how old she really is.

The former host of “Tomi,” who was just last week hit with a ban from The Blaze network, is not trying to be rather subtle about her situation.

Rather than laying low, she instead moved towards her own spotlight, and may have found even more fans by posting to her Instagram, which many are taking as a message to her former company, and her boss, Glenn Beck.

The caption to her post read: “Never Let Bullshit Weigh You Down.”

The fact is she was released by her employer and you don’t hear anything about wrongful termination right? She knows this. That’s the thing about being a adult and working for an employer – you can get fired.

Presently, she is caught up in negotiations with her former employer’s over her Facebook page.

Tomi Lahren has a large amount of fans that range in the millions and that is just on her Facebook page. But it isn’t exactly “her” Facebook page.

Sources acquainted with the dialogue between Tomi and TheBlaze says she is serious about keeping her 4.2 million FB fans, but the company owns the page and isn’t going to give it up.

Just another part of being an employee Tomi, good luck in the future.