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STATE REP HAS A MESSAGE For Those Who Don’t Want Her Tipping Off Criminal Illegals About ICE Raids

A Massachusetts State Rep has people talking again. Rep Michelle DuBois took to social media to warn illegal immigrants publicly, including drug dealers, of pending ICE raids in Brockton and gave “tips” on how to obstruct:

Does anyone out there wonder how she got these “tips”…It looks like the organization that put this out is called : United We Dream

When one of her constituents saw the post, they let her know how displeased they were with her actions. Instead of explaining her side, Rep. DuBois posted a picture of “Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History”…

DuBois has since changed the settings on her Facebook page to private. She is in hot water now because many are calling for her to be removed from office. Others reported her actions to Homeland Security to make them aware of the obstruction of justice.

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