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Here’s The Video The Restaurant Industry Is Hoping Gets Banned Before You Have A Chance To See It

You just can’t judge a steak by how it tastes anymore apparently. Thanks to a person’s video, we now see the trick many restaurants use to trick you into paying more for a cheap cut of beef. It’s not just disturbing, it is flat out theft. With one ingredient with a terrible name, restaurants can take very cheap chunks of beef and make them look as if they are expensive steaks.

If you haven’t been made aware of this fraud to food yet, you’re going to be shocked.

Watch the video below to learn about Transglutaminase, which is also commonly known as meat glue. When you see what it does, you will never want to order a steak at a restaurant again without asking some questions. Thankfully, this guy shared how easy it is to “glue” pieces of beef together to make them resemble expensive cuts of steak. Learn about the scam and make sure you won’t get scammed again: