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Georgia Woman Couldn’t Find Her Yorkie Anywhere. Then She Checked the Security Footage…

Meredith Mason always allowed her 8-year-old Yorkie, Spider, get some fresh air on the front porch in the mornings.

According to 11Alive, Mason’s pooch suffers from a condition that causes his legs to dislocate easily, but that never stopped him from being “very friendly.”

Like most mornings, Mason let Spider sit on the porch early Sunday-  but this time something terrible happened.

Mason left the dog, who has a chip, alone on the porch for a few minutes.

When she returned, Spider was nowhere to be found.

According to Fox5, Mason initially thought that the dog had just escaped her porch and taken off into the neighborhood.

But soon neighbors alerted her that they had seen a man holding Spider…

That’s when she checked the security footage from a camera on her front porch, and she was shocked by what she saw.

In broad daylight, a man walked up to her porch and grabbed Spider, before calmly walking away with the dog.

Mason was heartbroken. She told 11Alive:

“It’s a very cruel and hurtful thing. It’s very personal. You’re not taking a replaceable item, you’re taking something that is so much more than that.”

The footage showed an unknown man between the ages of 17 and 20 years old grab the dog. None of Mason’s neighbors could identify the man.

She’s now fearing for the worst. She told Fox5 she’s worried that “he’s either been sold or he’s being hurt.”

It’s a valid concern as well. According to PAWS, smalls dogs are often stolen and sold to puppy mills for breeding — or worse, they can be sold as “bait dogs” in dog fights.

Mason said she now feels guilty for leaving the small dog alone in front of her home. She told 11Alive:

“I feel like I let him down this time, by letting him out the house and not coming right back to him. I just want him to come back home.”

Spider only wore a black harness at the time he was stolen.

According to the AKC, there are a couple of ways owners can help prevent pet theft:

  • Microchip your pets
  • Don’t ever leave your pet unattended – even in your yard
  • Don’t let your dogs off the leash
  • Be cautious of strangers asking about your dog

Now that Spider is gone, Meredith Mason now says she hopes that somebody will recognize the man in the video and help bring the dog home where he belongs.