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After 20 Years Of Investigating The JonBenet Murder, They Finally Found Their Suspect

Over two decades ago, 6-year-old beauty queen, JonBenet Ramsey was murdered. the investigation into her death was a huge headline for months. And it never amounts to much because the police couldn’t prove anything.

But now the investigator the family hired has come forth to reveal the truth as he sees it.

Ollie Gray, the family’s private investigator, says he believes that Michael Helgoth, 26-years-old at the time of the little girl’s murder, committed the crime. And he says he has enough evidence to convince the American public.

Allegedly, Helgroth told Kenady that “he and a partner, were going to make a great deal and they each will bring in around $50,000 or $60,000,” reports CBS show  “48 Hours.”

“I will never forget they were walking toward his house and he said, ‘I wonder what it would be like to crack a human skull,’” Kenady told InTouch. “I was amazed. I thought it was a very odd thing to say.”

When JonBenet’s body was found, she’d been strangled and bludgeoned. her skull was cracked. Had Helgoth’s twisted fantasy come true?

JonBenet’s parents, John and Patsy Ramsey, called police when their daughter went missing and they found a note demanding $118,000 for her return. That amount matches the amount Helgoth predicted they would earn from the “great deal.”

The parents were the prime suspects of the case until police cleared their names in 208. Unfortunatley, JonBenet’s mother, Patsy died a suspect. Ovarian cancer took her life in 2006.

Helgoth died of a seemingly staged suicide, Kenady said. The gun was by his right side but the bullet was to his left. Kenady thinks Helgoth was killed to keep his mouth shut by an accomplice. That means another killer is still lurking out there.

“He was murdered to keep his mouth shut,” Kenady claims.

Police cleared Helgoth’s name when no DNA was found at the scene. But both Kenady and Gray think Helgoth did it.