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3 Years of Mugshots Show Young Man’s Scary Descent into Violence. He’s Almost Unrecognizable…

A Texas gang member was sentenced to 15 years in prison on Monday after being convicted of domestic assault. He was found guilty of beating his pregnant girlfriend and chasing her with a knife in 2016.

Jacob Pauda, a former member of the prison gang Texas Tango Blast, has a long criminal history. At age 31, he has also been charged with aggravated assault, racing, public intoxication, and possession a controlled substance.

In a series of mugshots spanning back to 2013, Pauda’s appearance seems to grow more sinister leading up to his most recent and serious crime.

He looks almost friendly in 2013:

Things took a dark turn in September 2015 when Pauda was arrested for alleged domestic assault on his girlfriend.

He acquired facial tattoos that were connected to his membership in the Texas Tango Blast prison gang. He told the judge that he is no longer a member of the gang.

Most recently, Pauda was convicted of sexual assault after he beat his pregnant girlfriend and chased her with a knife. Due to his 2003 conviction for aggravated assault, his sentence was bumped up to 15 years.