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THE LEFT GOES BONKERS After Bill O’Reilly Says Maxine Waters Wears A “James Brown Wig”

Maxine Waters is a clown. How can anyone take whatever she says seriously? Bill O’Reilly calls her out for the James Brown wig…You can bet he’s in a ton of trouble for that comment. The left is calling for him to be fired.

Seems to be double standard here as the left has called President Trump things like “Orange Hitler,” but they say it’s racist that O’Reilly commented on the wig. It’s really funny:

“He has disrespected the office”…How’s that Maxine?

Maxine is the worst for the black community and Americans. She needs the struggle to stay elected. The fear mongering is how she stays elected. Remember the housing crisis? Maxine was responsible for much of the crash in housing yet she’s never taken responsibility.

She and Barnie Frank pushed to get loans for people who should have never owned a home.