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Teen Is Excited For Prom, But She’s Stunned When Chaperones See Her Whole Dress And Kick Her Out

In May 2014, a teenager named Clare was preparing to attend her upcoming prom event at a church in Mechanicsville, Virginia. Clare was homeschooled, so the idea of going out with her boyfriend and their friends was particularly exciting.

Clare picked the perfect silver dress and made sure it was in compliance with the only dress code listed on the registration form. The dress passed the “fingertip test,” meaning it was long enough to wear.

However, as Clare walked into the dance with her boyfriend, a prom organized looked at her and said, “Honey, that dress is too short.”

It wasn’t long before the organizer removed Clare from the dance floor completely and criticized her dancing, saying it was too provocative. The woman also said the combination of Clare’s dress and dancing would “cause the young men at the prom to think impure thoughts.

Needless to say, the teen was humiliated.

Clare and her boyfriend were then kicked out of the event. They were also refused refunds for the $25 tickets.

Feeling angry and violated, Clare decided she wasn’t going down without a fight…