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Here’s The Viral Video From A Target Parking Lot Everyone On Facebook Has Been Sharing

Most successful companies have good personalized branding in place, which makes them remembered and well known.

Sometimes it’s certain colors or logos, and other times it is a specific phrase that captures the attention of shoppers. Target is known for its bold colors and it’s target-symbol logo, but recently, one of the store’s marketing tools upset a few people.

it’s safe to say that most have been to a Target store, as the chain is well-known across the United States. And anyone who has been to the store can’t help but see the red balls that are lined up outside the entrance to the store.

Recently, one of those balls caused some major damage when a truck driver bumped into it, making the massive ball roll into a moving car. Surveillance cameras caught the incident on film as a pickup truck rolled up on the curb bumping one of the balls. The purpose of the balls is to stop vehicles from crashing into the main entrance doors, but evidently, the pickup truck was moving fast enough that it knocked the 2-ton object loose.

In the video, you can see the ball as it rolls into the side of Eileen Grady’s Nissan Rogue while it is in motion. Grady purchased the vehicle only a year prior and the damage has been assessed at $3,500.