Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Guess Who Was Just Sent To The President’s Office? It Is Over For Him?

The election in November was historic. A Republican billionaire businessman who’d never held public office dispatched the Democratic leader, who was a woman with an impressive political resume. The nation and world were stunned.

As impressive as the victory was, it was not an end to the battle, but the start of a long road ahead, which is to dislodge whose who obstruct the President’s agenda.

The issue involves civil servants who refuse to cooperate with legitimate policy requests, and malcontents within the Republican party who are trouble, such as Speaker Ryan and Senator McCain.

FBI Director James Comey has chosen to obstruct House Intel Chair Devin Nunes’ attempts to gain information into the FBI’s investigations of Mr. Obama’s intelligence gathering operations. It makes one wonder if President Trump has had enough of Comey’s obstructionism and is planning to make an example of him.

Suspensions over the possibility of an upcoming resignation by Comey were heightened by a recent unusual meeting. “According to The Hill, Comey arrived at the White House for a meeting, which was not listed on the president’s public schedule, leading many to believe that he was summoned by Trump to discuss the terms of his resignation.”

It is becoming painfully obvious that Mr. Comey has a political agenda and he’s willing to use the powers of the FBI to pursue it. If true, that disqualifies him from continuing in that position. He must resign or be removed.

The FBI Director is responsible for running a non-partisan law-enforcement agency. he is also expected to be responsive to legitimate requests by Congressional committees for information on investigations. When a director acts as Comey has, he has proven himself derelict in his duties and in need of replacement.

Hopefully, that meeting he had with President Trump either corrected Comey’s attitude and practices, or was simply a means for working out the terms of the director’s resignation.

H/T: Mad World News