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Bernie Sanders Touts Canada’s Universal Health Care System, Forgets One Small Detail

The healthcare debate is far from over. Many have mixed reactions to what happened last Friday. Republicans failed to rally around a single plan.

The bill was incomplete and people had every right to be reserved regarding the three phase plan.

Democrats are happily enjoying the success of Obamacare not being repealed and replaced. Many admit that it needs changes. Many people also believe that Obamacare was designed to be a precursor to a single-payer system, which is something that Bernie Sanders definitely wants:

Healthcare for everyone sounds too good to be true and this headline from the Huffington Post proves it:

This failure is partially recognized in the CIHI report itself. By simply viewing the data from another angle we note that, overall, two out of 10 Canadians do not receive “priority procedures” within the remarkably long benchmarks used in the report (six months for hip and knee replacements, for example). Moreover, governments still do not generally report comprehensive and comparable information on wait times for most medically necessary procedures.

More detailed statistics from other sources paint an even grimmer picture. For example, the Fraser Institute’s most recent wait times report finds that wait times (GP to treatment) have almost doubled since 1993. Worse, physicians report that patients generally wait almost three weeks longer than what they consider clinically reasonable (after consultation with a specialist).

Note that Canada has a much smaller population. If the nationalized healthcare system struggles with that number, how could it handle 300+ million.


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