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Armed Leftists Rally at Arizona State Capitol

The Second Amendment was only for militias, said the leftists, but that all changed when Donald Trump became President of the United States.

Now, the Second Amendment is very real for a lot of leftists.

According to the Phoenix New Times, “40 or so assorted anarchists, Brown Berets, and members of a group calling itself the Phoenix John Brown Gun Club” awkwardly took their weapons and demonstrated on the grounds of the state Capitol in Phoenix this weekend, because why the hell not?

They were standing across from a group of Trump supporters called the Brown Berets. Neither group would talk to the reporter.

And, by the way, these don’t seem like people who are terribly willing to spread peace and love throughout the land. The Phoenix New Times reporter found that out while he was recording the protest with his phone.

“I’m just going to warn you that we’re not responsible for anything that might happen to that phone,” one of the “militia” members said.

Ironic that these are the same activists that were trying to reduce the debate over the Second Amendment to whether or not individuals handle firearms safely. It’s clear these liberals believe they can.

Now, it’s time for them to admit that everybody can. And that the Second Amendment means what it says.

H/T Guns.com