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Mom Getting Home With Her Kids Opens Front Door. Then She Sees a Naked Woman Sitting on Her Couch

Brianna Willey had no clue what to expect when she got home last Friday and found a stranger in her home.

According to Fox2Now, Catherine Therrell went into the empty home and had made herself comfortable on Willey’s couch. Willey was shocked when she arrived at her front door with her two young sons to find the stranger sitting naked inside the home.

The mother said:

“I asked her who she was and why she was there and she told me her name was Catherine and she was there for the birthday party. And she was definitely dressed for it.”

The homeowner had to convince Therrell to unlock the door so Willey could get into her own house. The stranger did put her clothes back on after Willey asked her to get dressed, but she didn’t keep them on:

“I had to ask her to let me in the house and she put her clothes on backwards, then she realized her clothes were on backwards, so she proceeded to take them back off as I was standing there.”

Willey called the police to report that the woman wearing nothing but a smile was in her home.

Pevely (MO) Police Department Cpl. Benjamin Litterall explained what happened when police arrived at the home:

“Officers who later arrived on scene and placed her in custody advised that she was highly intoxicated.”

Therrell’s drinking reportedly had gotten her in trouble with the law before. In February, the woman allegedly entered another stranger’s home by crashing a car into the house. In that instance, according to Fox2Now, she almost ran over  a mother and her child who were watching TV together in the living room.

Though Therrell did not injure Willey or her 4-year-old and 6-year-old sons, she did give the family something to remember.

The children still can’t stop thinking about the naked woman being in their house. Willey said:

“Now that’s all we hear about is the naked lady and including at school. School gets to hear about the naked lady too.”

If that’s not a reminder to lock your doors, we don’t know what is!