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Fed-Up Trump About to Kick 2 Major Grouns Off Food Stamps – Never Done Before

The nation is faced with a huge debt and it is about to get a huge dent in it by removing two huge groups off food stamps that taxpayers probably didn’t realize the were paying for:

Felons and lottery winners.

Existing rules already prohibited “fleeing felons and probation or parole violators from obtaining SNAP benefits,” but now anyone convicted as an adult of murder or aggravated sexual assault will also be barred from receiving food stamps, The Daily Caller reported.

The Department of Agriculture published a series of proposed rules that would enforce laws passed by Congress nearly three years ago.

The last farm bill, signed into law on Feb. 7, 2014, authorized federal spending for the welfare program and prohibited both serious felons and substantial lottery winners from receiving benefits under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, according to the proposed rules.

This onslaught of welfare reform news has been a huge wake-up call to those enjoying a free ride on the coattails of hardworking Americans. From eliminating the “Obamaphone” to requiring drug tests before benefits, the new rules in addition to this just made things a lot worse for certain people who could now be evicted from the system permanently.

Proposed enforcement of these rules comes in addition to forcing each state to use a system that verifies immigration status and income of all food stamp applicants. This combined crackdown could save taxpayers a massive sum of money that could be put to far better use. The expected resistance from the left is already in effect calling these rules discriminatory, which worked for Obama but won’t for Trump.

Over 43 million Americans receive SNAP benefits, and the government will pay around $45 billion in benefits this year, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture data (USDA).
Under the USDA’s proposed rules, if an individual wins over $25,000 form the lottery (before taxes), his or her entire household will no longer be eligible to receive food stamps until the household income falls within the eligible range again.