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Rock Star Claims He Attended Snuff Parties Where People Paid $100,000 To Watch People Get Murdered

In a strange claim, the former bass player for the band The Scorpions states that he has attended a snuff party where people paid $100,000 to watch victims get murdered for entertainment.

In the video below, Ralph Riekcermann is approached by a cameraman from TMZ, who asked if he was going to attend any German fetish parties that night. At first Rieckermann laughed the comment off, but the exchange took a surprisingly dark turn.

Rieckermann also said that he attended a party that was worse – one that made him want to “throw up.” God only know what that must have been, seeing how he seemed to watch people get murdered without nausea.

Watch the clip below. It is clear that Rieckermann is not joking, he believes what he is saying.