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While Trump’s Tweets Draw All The Attention, Nikki Haley Has Been Doing A Fine Job At The U.N.

Ambassador Nikki Haley’s life can only be called a pure American story. Born in South Carolina to a pair of Indian immigrants who came to the states to build a better life for their children, in 2010 Haley became the first female Governor in South Carolina history, and the first Sikh to win a governorship in the U.S.

Since the Trump administration’s much applauded decision to nominate Haley as the global face of U.S. policy, she has been the tip of the spear for a campaign to reshape the U.N., an organization to the U.S. founded but which has grown impotent over the past eight years.

Following her overwhelmingly bi-partisan confirmation, Haley arrived at the U.N.’s New York headquarters to lay out a new, bold, and unapologetic American message. Gone are the days of the Obama administration wringing its hands while Iran grew stronger, North Korea tested nuclear weapons, and Russia made war on its neighbors. No more.

Ambassador Haley set a clear tone in her opening remarks at a poignant special emergency session of the Security Council dealing with increase Russian aggression against Ukraine. After taking a brief moment to thank the assembled dignitaries, she slammed Russia for its continued aggression and illegal occupation of Ukrainian territory.

The dire situation in Eastern Ukraine is one that demands clear and strong condemnation of Russian actions…the United States stands with the people of Ukraine who have suffered for nearly three years under Russian occupation and military intervention.

While media attention was focusing on the seemingly endless string of innuendos and accusations against the Trump administration in regard to Russia, President Trump’s ambassador was putting that old aggressor on notice. Their naked aggression would be met with actions, not just words.

This is a time of strength, this is a time of action, this is a time of getting things done. And this administration is prepared and ready and have me go in, look at the U.N., and everything that’s working we’re gonna make it better.

Ambassador Haley followed up her verbal body blow to Russia with a pounding condemnation of the U.N.’s legacy of anti-Israel attacks that the Obama administration did little, if anything, to ever address.

For too long the U.N. has been unfairly biased in favor of the Palestinian Authority to the detriment of our allies in Israel….Going forward the United States will act, not just talk, in support of our allies.

If those bold steps weren’t enough, in her first month on the job Haley appeared at a UN emergency summit following a North Korean missile test to set a new tone of action and purpose.

She didn’t stop there.

Tired of the seemingly endless cycle of North Korean missile launches and meaningless U.N. meetings, followed by more missile tests, Haley took aim at China, North Korea’s largest trading partner and the one country who has the leverage to check the rouge nation’s actions. “We call on all members of the Security Council to use every available resource to make it clear to the North Korean regime, and its enablers, that these launches are unacceptable.”

When Haley appeared before the U.N.’s largely ceremonial General Assembly. she declared that the U.S. “will not hesitate to stand against the forces of terrorism, and that includes standing against the states that sponsor it, in particular the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

Where the Obama administration had quietly handed over hegemony in the Middle East to Iranian interests, Haley launched the opening verbal salvo in a campaign to roll back those dark advances and re-establish American forthright leadership.

With little media fanfare, Ambassador Haley has put the world’s aggressors and terrorists sponsors on notice. No longer would the U.S. quietly hand off millions to the Palestinian Authority while American diplomats betrayed decades of American-Israeli cooperation in favor of Islamic fundamentalist goals. The behavior of tyrants and thugs would not be met by an idle United States and taxpayer’s money would not be squandered on mismanaged and misguided U.N. projects.

The U.S. is back and looking to right the ship of international affairs with a woman at the helm of that effort who perfectly personifies the American dream.