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Lawmaker who compared ICE to Nazis calls rape story of 14-year-old ‘race-baiting’ – watch Tucker pounce

Tucker Carlson body-slammed a liberal lawmaker who compared federal immigration officers to Nazis.

Carlson is disgusted that Democratic councilman Zeke Cohen is more concerned about protecting illegal aliens than children in his own district.

Last week, Cohen sponsored a bill demanding that federal authorities stop enforcing immigration laws in Baltimore.

That same week, a 14-year-old girl was brutally raped at a high school in nearby Rockville, Maryland, by two illegal immigrants (ages 18 and 17) who had been assigned to her 9th grade class because they couldn’t speak English.

“That’s the sign of a sick civilization at war with itself,” Carlson said. He then asked why Cohen — a lawmaker — doesn’t want to defend U.S. immigration laws, especially when they could have prevented the horrific rape against the 14-year-old girl.

“Baltimore is a welcoming city,” Cohen said, before calling Carlson’s statements a “Willie Horton-style race-baiting dog whistle.”

Cohen condemned the child rape, but said he’s more concerned about the potential harassment illegals face from federal immigration officers.

Cohen compared ICE officers enforcing immigration laws to Nazis who rounded up Jews in 1930s Germany. That’s when Carlson ripped into Cohen.

“It’s shameful to compare federal immigration officers to Nazis,” Carlson said. “You’re calling fellow American citizens ‘Nazis’ for enforcing federal laws passed by Congress? Who’s using the dog whistle here?”

Zeke Cohen was slammed on Twitter by people who were astonished that he prioritizes not hurting the feelings of illegal aliens over a child who was viciously raped in his own district.