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It Wasn’t Until She Passed Away That Her Family Found 30-Year-Old Secret She Hid in Closet

When Blake Ruff met Lori Kennedy, he knew she was special. The pair quickly fell in love and got married in 2004. Because they met at church, Blake trusted his wife completely. And four years after they tied the knot, Lori gave birth to a baby girl. Their life was the perfect example of the American dream.

But something dark loomed over their union. Blake’s family never trusted Lori. They had suspected her of not being who she seemed since Blake first told them he loved her. Why was she so hesitant to talk about her past?

When prodded, Lori told the Ruffs that her parents were dead and that she had no living relatives. But while she gave up those sparse details, everything else was a secret. And the Ruffs did not like it one bit.