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HOLY CRAP! Look How The Media Just Changed Picture Of London Terrorist For Broadcast!

Europe is filled with Muslim refugees who are now doing what they came to do and bite the hands that feed them. After the Islamic Sate called for more “lone wolf” attacks, one jihadi in London followed orders and committed what looks like a clear act of terrorism outside the Palace of Westminster in London.

Four fatalities have been confirmed, including one police officer and the alleged terrorist who drove his car into a crowd of people gathered outside the parliament, The Sun reported. While this news outlet referred to the suspect, identified as Islamic hate preacher Abu Izzadeen, as a terrorist, British media is referring to him by an insane reason.

Photos of Izzadeen have started to emerge which show him looking as Muslim as they come and in some shots he’s even flashing the all too familiar “1” sign that a signature of ISIS. His name is well known in London as an Islamic jihadi who preaches hate of Westerners, but despite all the obvious identifying factors that he’s Muslim and his intention was a terror attack, British media is calling him “Asian,” Milo reported.

It’s bad enough that American news agencies were referring to this terror attack as a “firearms incident,” but to try and call this man an Asian instead of a Muslim, is worse — and is an insult. They somehow think their new descriptive words will change what everyone can clearly see in these pictures. There wasn’t an Asian in this attack nor did the terrorist use a gun, but there was a Muslim man with a car as a weapon and a knife which he plunged into a police officer.

The media is using verbal gymnastics to hide the fact that this is Islam in action that President Trump is trying to stop from happening in the U.S. with his travel ban. Just a week after a Hawaii judge blocked the ban, Izzadeen proved exactly why we need it.