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Democrats Tried to Embarrass Neil Gorsuch But Forgot About this 20 Year Old Video That Makes Them All Look Like Damn Fools

The unnecessary grilling and bashing of President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch has a lot of people upset.

If you haven’t seen the Democrats lambasting on Gorsuch, it has been rough. They have come at him from all sides and tried to break him. Gorsuch has stood his ground and refused to give into their political agenda by abstaining from questions and deflecting.

Here’s Ted Cruz defending Gorsuch on the Democrats’ ridiculous line of questioning:

But you won’t guess what many have found that has Democrats running for their mothers. This video shows a 20+ year old clip of Ruth Bader Ginsburg being praised by Democrats for doing the same thing Gorsuch is doing. The hypocrisy can’t be ignored: