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RAND PAUL: SOMEBODY WAS SPYING On Trump Campaign…It’s “already been proven to be true”

Fox News’ Neil Cavuto asked Senator Rand Paul if he believed surveillance was used against the Trump campaign.

Rand replied to Cavuto by saying they already have evidence that surveillance of the campaign took place:

“Everybody admits that somebody spied on Mike Flynn and he was part of the Trump campaign. So it sounds like what the President said has already been proven to be true. Somebody listened to Mike Flynn’s conversation and revealed it  to the press, which is a felony. And you don’t do that unless you somehow eavesdropped on his  phone conversation. The media’s been kinda confused about this. They think there has to be an old-fashioned bug placed on a wire If you haven’t looked lately, most of our cell phones don’t have wires. So wire tapping is a broad term for surveillance. Somebody did surveil. Somebody spied on Mike Flynn and then illegally released that conversation.”