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John Podesta’s Ties to Putin Exposed

As you know Democrats often “project” their own bad behavior onto others in an effort to paint in the light  they actually shine. That has seemed to be the case with the ‘Russian conspiracy’ being pushed by Democrats and the lame-stream media all while ignoring the Clinton Foundation’s actual ties to Russia and deals for uranium.

But it gets even better, and will probably be ignored by the media because it involves Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta who really has some explaining to do. From The Daily Caller:

Rep. Louie Gohmert, an outspoken House Republican from Texas, is calling for a congressional investigation of John Podesta’s role with Rusnano, a state-run company founded by Russian President Vladimir Putin, The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group has learned.

Podesta — best known as Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign chairman and former President Bill Clinton’s White House chief of staff — first made contact with the Russian firm in 2011, when he joined the boards and executive committees of three related entities: Boston-based Joule Unlimited; Rotterdam-based Joule Global Holdings; Joule Global Stichting, the company’s controlling interest. All are high-tech renewable energy enterprises.

Podesta has attempted to downplay his relationship with Joule and Rusnano, but it could come to haunt him.

One potential legal problem for him relates to the time he joined former President Barack Obama’s White House staff in 2014 as a senior counselor and failed to reveal his 2011 Joule stock vesting agreement in his government financial disclosure form.

Further, he failed to disclose 75,000 common shares of Joule stock he received, as disclosed in a WikiLeaks email.

The story at the Daily Caller is a must read.

It seems Democrats and the media have completely ignored or downplayed any ties to Russia by Democrats involved with Obama or the Clinton campaign. Why is that?

They have overplayed phone calls made by General Mike Flynn while he was on the Trump campaign, but ignored vital information about Podesta and the Clintons during the entire campaign?

Again, Democrats often like to project on a grand scale. Maybe they believe the public would be distracted by claiming some type of Russian interference in the campaign on behalf of the Russians, when all along it seems they are projecting their bad behavior onto others. It seems like this is a case of exactly that; they were making deals with the Russians that actually hurt American interests.

An investigation indeed should be conducted against both Podesta and the Clintons. It’s high time someone starts paying attention to the foxes in the chicken coop, those are the people who are really damaging the United States and seem to all belong to the Democrat Party.