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What Gorsuch Was Just Told About Originalism PROVES How Badly the Left Has LOST IT…

During the nomination hearing or Neil Gorsuch, the left wing senator from Vermont, Senator Patrick Leahy, provided insight as to the insanity of the left and how they understand the Supreme Court of the United States and the intent of the Founding Fathers.

Leahy believes adhering to the original intent (aka Originalism) of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution is not ‘mainstream.’

Leahy goes on to say that those who believe, as the Founding Fathers believed, that the Constitution is the backbone structure of the United States of America are pushing some ‘agenda,’ one that doesn’t agree with his views.

From CNS News:

“While it has gained some popularity within conservative circles, originalism, I believe, remains outside the mainstream of moderate constitutional jurisprudence.

“It has been 25 years since an originalist has been nominated to the Supreme Court. Given what we’ve seen from Justice Scalia, and Justice Thomas and Judge Gorsuch on record, I worry that it goes beyond being a philosophy and it becomes an agenda.”

“Will you allow the government to include our Americans’ personal privacy and freedom? Will you elevate the rights of corporations over those of real people? And will you rubberstamp a president whose administration has asserted that executive power is not subject to judicial review?” he asked.

Via TFP:

The only person who appears to have an agenda is Leahy. He and his left wing extremist cohorts believe the Constitution is a living, breathing document that can be altered on the whims of the agenda of far left wing progressives.

Based on Leahy’s logic, states like California and New York are far out of the mainstream when it comes to gun control laws, should those laws be ignored for that reason? If only Leahy actually used logic that makes sense.

He is a sitting senator who clearly has little to no understanding of the origins of the United States or why, indeed, the Founding Fathers believed the Constitution and Bill of Rights were so important for keeping the Republic sound.

Unfortunately, Leahy is the one who is out of the mainstream but he doesn’t grasp that.

The man actually sounded like he was drunk giving his statement. And therein lies the problem with the left, they are drunk on this foolishness they believe to be the truth, that the Constitution shouldn’t be adhered to but should be shaped and changed according to what they believe is right and so.

This is why Gorsuch IS a stellar SCOTUS nominee; he actually believes in ‘originalism.’ He believes in the intent of the Founding Fathers as should all SCOTUS Justices. Where this country gets into trouble and where rights of the people actually get trampled is when activist judges forget their place to uphold the Constitution and Bill of Rights.