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Pissed Off Citizen Sees What Muslim Welfare Queens Do After Leaving Walmart And Starts Recording In Shock

While many Americans slave away putting in 40 or more hours a week just to make ends meet, there are other members of our society enjoying collecting welfare checks on American taxpayer’s dime. If that wasn’t bad enough, what one man caught a person doing at his local grocery store will make your blood boil.

A lawyer in New York was purchasing items at his local grocery store when he encountered a Muslim woman buying a huge cart full of soda using her food stamp card. From her conversation, he learned that the soda wasn’t for her or even her family, but was being purchased with food stamps so she could sell them at her convenience store. When he confronted the woman in the parking lot to say she is stealing money from taxpayers, she goes into a violent rage and tells Americans exactly what she thinks about them.