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Who Guy Fieri Quietly Invites to Stand on Sidelines of ‘Diners Drive-Ins and Dives’ Is All Class

Guy Fieri is the host of several shows on the Food Network.

Fieri got his start in 2006, and since then, his signature style has made him a recognizable face for food lovers around the world.

While Fieri’s persona makes him a favorite among a crowded sea of TV chefs, it’s what viewers don’t see that’s all the more reason to like him.

As Country Living reports, Fieri has filmed 363 episodes of his Food Network shows to date and has invited a family from the Make-a-Wish Foundation to join him on set for every single taping.

The organization is reportedly near and dear to his heart after the loss of his sister to cancer several years ago. In 2016, Delish reported Fieri was determined to help families battling cancer anyway he could, saying at the time:

“I know what the family is going through, to some degree. I know that heartache and I see that, and if there’s anything I can do to help enlighten or empower those kids, I want to do it.

Fieri rarely uses his own social media to show off his special guests, but the joy of those who get spend the day with him can’t be contained:

He lends a helping hand with his young guests on the set of “Guy’s Grocery Games”:

…and even has his young fans visit him at his restaurant and cook up a ticket to “Flavortown”:

Country Living reports that not only does he invite sick children to visit him, but he includes their siblings and families so that no one feels left out.

Now that is class.