Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Tim Allen’s ‘Last Man Standing’ Mocked Hillary Clinton’s Election Loss Behavior with ‘Therapist’ Joke

Tim Allen has made no secret about his political leanings, openly saying he was looking forward to mocking Hillary Clinton on his show “Last Man Standing.”

True to his word, Tim Allen’s show even launched a few zingers at Clinton before. However, the actor was not a Trump supporter during the election, giving his support to Governor John Kasich at home.

Even though Clinton lost the election to Trump, it has not stopped the Clinton-centric jokes from appearing on the ABC show.

When Kyle and Mandy lost a trivia game to liberal-leaning couple Kristin and Ryan, they took it all in stride, declaring it a win of sorts since they came in second place (out of two couples).

Later, Kristin and Ryan were surprisingly shown up by Kyle and Mandy in an escape room challenge. After Kristin and Ryan had a hard time handling the loss, the younger couple had some advice which led to the Clinton Joke, as transcribed by MRC:

Ryan:  Uh, no. You won. Yeah. Kris and I didn’t even do anything.

Kristin: Yeah, if this were a competition, you would’ve kicked our asses.

Kyle: So, you’re upset because you feel like you lost?

Ryan: Yeah, losing sucks.

Kyle: We lose all the time, but we still enjoy ourselves. You have to learn to look at losing as a win.

Ryan: You sound like Hillary Clinton’s therapist.

Mandy: It’s okay, Kyle, he doesn’t get it.

Allen doesn’t reserve his hits at liberals on his show. He has spoken out about the “anti-Trump” sentiment in Hollywood, comparing it to “1930s Germany.” He’s also chimed in on the “hypocrisy” sometimes displayed by Trump’s Hollywood critics.