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Satellite Technician Thinks Blip On Radar Is Hiding Secret, Leads To Historic Find

Back in the 1960s, archaeologists discovered a historic site that changed everything historians that was true about the discovery of North America, ‘The New World.’ While the history books say Christopher Columbus was the first European explorere to reach this side of the hemisphere, the truth is a bit different.

When the archaeologists discovered irrefutable proof that Vikings visited the Canadian province of Newfoundland, the world was turned upside down. How could everything we knew about history be wrong? How could Christopher Columbus not have been the first to reach the New World?

After realizing that Vikings visited North America years before Columbus, archaeologists went on a chase to find more colonies left behind by these sea-faring explorers. They found nothing. Until recently, when a satellite technician saw a strange blip on the radar and it is about to change history.