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Punk Thinks She Got Away With Attack On Helpless Grandma, Makes One Grave Mistake

After a great-grandmother was assaulted inside a Walmart store, she had been put on bed rest as she recovers.

While shopping, an attacker came up to her and hit her in the face several times. The woman, who asked not ot be named, thought she was safe at Walmart because they have security.

Apparently, that was where she was the most vulnerable though.

“I thought I was safe. I’m in Walmart,” the woman, who asked not to be named, told WSB-TV’s, Matt Johnson.

The next day, she was covered in bruises. The other Walmart shopper, a woman, punched her in the face while they were both in the bread aisle at the Atlanta-area store. The great-grandmother had no idea why she was assaulted. It seemed like it was just a random act of violence.

“There had to be something wrong with her because you just don’t do that,” the victim said.