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Less Than 24 Hrs Have Passed Since Trump Met with Angela Merkel — And He’s Already Tweeting About Her

On March 17, President Trump hosted a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The meeting was expected to be somewhat contentious given the statements the president made during his campaign.

But outside of the awkward greetings, it was reported that the two had a successful meeting.

Independent Journal Review reported:

Both leaders later attempted to sow the seeds of unity during a joint press conference. President Trump relayed in prepared remarks that “the close friendship between America and Germany is built on our shared values.”

“It’s much, much better to talk to one another and not about one another, and I think our conversation proved this,” Merkel later added.

Merkel and Trump also reiterated their support for NATO, with Chancellor Merkel saying that Germany will work to uphold their financial responsibility.

On March 18, however, President Trump let loose a few early morning tweets — seemingly taking aim at Germany:

Trump has alternately called Merkel “his favorite world leader” and claiming that “she ruined Germany.”