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Trump To Sign Law That Increases Drug Tests for Unemployed Seeking Benefits

Welfare reform has been a big priority for Republicans and conservatives for years, and with President Donald Trump in the White House, such reform might becoming.

Trump was ready to sign a bill passed by Congress that would allow states to perform drug tests on those applying for unemployment benefits, WITI reported.

Under President Barack Obama, states weren’t allowed to test applicants for drugs unless they were applying for a job that already had mandatory drug testing. However, there’s a new sheriff in town — and he’s backed by a Republican-controlled Congress that, while far from perfect, is at least more likely to pass  legislation like this than any legislative body under the control of people like former House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Now that states have the freedom to drug-test people before they start giving taxpayer money to people. This will ensure that people receiving welfare benefits won’t use taxpayer money to buy drugs.

It was not clear when Trump would sign the bill into law, but the White House has indicated that he will sign it.

Republicans have cheered this bill as a victory for states’ rights, while Democrats say that Republicans are targeting the poor.

This was made possible by the Congressional Review Act, which allows Congress to undo recent legislation with a simple majority – though the act generally is useful only at the start of a new administration that disagrees with the previous one.

Welfare and other government assistance programs account for a significant chunk of the federal budget. Hopefully, Trump will continue to take actions that will get people off welfare and get them jobs where they can contribute from society and not take from it.


  • Deborah Penn

    People seeking unemployment benefits have already contributed to society. I agree this is one form of gov’t assistance, but much different than welfare, both employees and employers have paid into this…and under guidelines in place should receive those benefits without question. I’m not sure at all if I agree with this one.

  • Lynn Echlin

    Make the rules include ALL elected officials and ALL appointed government employees. ALL means senators and congress persons whether national or state level. And if found to be
    in violation terminate them and remove their benefits.
    Basketball players, football players, tennis players and other such persons are treated that way. And the government employees and elected officials have much more important jobs that are demanding much more clear thinking and actions.
    Equality before the law.