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Lib ‘Snowflakes’ Are FURIOUS When They Find Out What Employers Are Forcing Workers To Do For a Job

One company has figured out a way to successfully weed liberal crybaby applicants out of their hiring process.

The Silent Partner Marketing firm created a little test to filter their applications into groups of those who are eligible for a job and those who fit a no chance category. The method they use is a simple survey that job applicants answer the questions on and if they pass, then they may get the job. If they fail, they are out immediately. Little do applicants know, the survey is designed to identify liberal snowflakes and help employers hire the best people for the job.

The Silent Partner Marketing firm gets hundreds of applications for employment, and they needed to weed through the leftist “snowflakes” in order to get to the applicants best suited to succeed there. In order to do so, they came up with a survey given to applicants with some questions set to do just that.

“I needed a filter to sort through all of that,” Kyle Reyes, CEO of Silent Partner Marketing explained Wednesday on “Fox & Friends.”

One of the questions the company asks potential employees: “What does America mean to you?”

Reyes said that “Someone who’s not proud to be an American” would not make the cut. He added that a pro-Second Amendment view is important as well given that many individuals employed there carry firearms, and they also have clients that do the same.

Questions on the test also ask job-seekers what “privilege” means to them and “when was the last time you cried and why?”